New! Live Michigan Crayfish
100% Legal Native Michigan Crayfish
For Sale in Michigan Only
Northern Crayfish (Orconectes virilis) wild-caught native Miigan crayfish

Northern Crayfish (Orconectes virilis) native Michigan crayfish

Native Michigan Eating Crayfish For Sale

My name is Gene Check, also known as Crayfishman. I have been harvesting crawfish (in the northern states, we call them crayfish) for over 30 years. I am relocating my Crayfish business from Wisconsin to Michigan in 2024! Crayfish should be available starting August – September 2024. Stay Tuned!

I don’t sell just any crayfish out of the lake for food purposes. All crayfish are graded and then held in tanks of flowing, aerated well water for several days. These purged crayfish are a quality product you just won’t find elsewhere.

Going with the cheapest crayfish on the block doesn’t save you much if you get a lot of dead or undersized crayfish in your shipment.

Food crayfish are measured by the number per pound. My XL-Jumbo crayfish are 10-15 crawfish per lb. with a 3-1/2” plus body length.