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Wisconsin Orders ONLY!

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Rusty Crayfish

Famous for their delicious tail meat and large claws, which have lots of bonus meat.

I don’t sell just any crayfish out of the lake for food purposes. All crayfish are graded and then held in tanks of flowing, aerated well water for several days. This purging creates a quality product you just won’t find elsewhere.

Going with the cheapest crayfish on the block doesn't save you much if you get a lot of dead or undersized crayfish in your shipment.

Food crayfish are measured by the number per pound. My XL-Jumbo crayfish are 10-15 per lb. with a 3-1/2” plus body length.


20 lb. minimum order

$4.25/lb. Shipped to You

(shipping included)

$3.50/lb. Picked Up


Plus $10.00 for COD charge per order.



I've Gone Crazy!

Folks, If you live in this 6 state region and you are buying crayfish from Louisiana you are out of your mind. I have better Taste, Size, Price and Consistent Live Delivery! Plus, did I mention. . .Free Shipping!



Wisconsin Orders ONLY!

If this page or the Home page describes food crayfish as "Available Now" you can simply call in your order at 715-677-4201

If you live in the Free Shipping Zone your crayfish will be shipped C.O.D. and you will pay the driver when they arrive - (Make the check out to Crayfishman") - Super Easy! Just remember - someone has to be there at the mailing address to receive the crayfish and pay the delivery driver on arrival.

Note: Please check "Handling" section on how to care for your crayfish.