Wild Rusty Crayfish (Orconectus rusticus)

Small Live Bait Crayfish

Available in Summer!

The hardiest in the business.

I can ship bait crayfish to:


12¢ each - Free Shipping.

2000 min. order

2000 (160 dz.) - $240.00 total cost

1-2” long, most in the 1½ - 2” range (approx. 100 per lb.)

Nice crayfish for any use, but small enough to use for large panfish, drum, etc. (Note:These are not the wimpy, tiny 200 count farm pond craws many dealers are selling.)

Sorry folks I don't sell orders smaller than this anymore. These crayfish can be held in tanks (like minnows) for weeks or longer.

You can phone in an order at (715) 677-4201.

You can e-mail me as well at crayfishman@wi-net.com

If you order I will send a PayPal request for money as a secure method of payment.

Medium Live or Frozen Crayfish for Sheephead or Catfish Bait

Available during spring/summer season!

$2.50 per lb. Picked Up

bs A 20 lb. plus Sheephead caught with preserved crayfish. Part of another tournament winner on Lake Winnebago.
robctfh Medium crayfish catch the Cats without catching every 10" fish.


WI fishermen - I will sell you live crayfish on the clear understanding that they are Not legal on Inland waters of WI. They can be used at the Winnebago Tourneys if preserved according to the DNR requirements. They are also legal on the Boundary Waters such as the Great Lakes or Mississippi river.